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Get the pet dog you want and deserve! I can solve most common behavior problems, or start out your new dog on the right paw.

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Does your dog bark or lunge on the leash at other dogs or people? I can help you. Enjoy walking your dog again!

Why Choose Stacy's Wag'N'Train?


Science-based training methods grounded in modern understanding of how dogs behave, perceive, and learn.


Skills and knowledge in training, teaching and coaching honed over years of experience. Education evaluated, approved and improved by world- recognized experts.


A deep love of dogs, combined with sympathy and understanding for dog owners living busy lives in the real world. Training methods that are both humane and effective.

We "dog lovers" really know we have something special in our relationship with great dogs. Some of that is a gift from a special dog like yours, and some is from the work we put in at some time in our relationship. The sooner you start putting in the training, the sooner you reap the benefits, and fewer days are lost in frustration when you could have companionship.
- Stacy

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